Discount Warehouse Club


Case Study

In representation of a major grocery store chain, Wilson & Franco, LLC delivered $18.4 million in property tax savings over the last decade.


Wilson & Franco was hired to represent the primary tenant of a recently constructed discount warehouse. The owner’s agent agreed to the original noticed value through an informal agreement. The Appraisal District attempted to prohibit and dismiss Wilson & Franco’s scheduled hearing.

Case Position

Rather than accepting the original decision and settlement, Wilson & Franco was able to void the previously executed informal settlement agreement as it did not comply with Property Tax Code guidelines. Wilson & Franco presented an aggressive case position for a substantially lower valuation than the notice value originally established by the appraisal district.


Wilson & Franco achieved a 35% reduction in taxable value (18.9mm) for the property owner. The reduction resulted in a tax savings of approximately $518,000.

$18.9 Mil
decrease in value reduction
property tax savings